How to Cut Overhead Costs And Save The Planet

Reducing Your Overhead Costs by Using A Paperless Payroll System Overhead is an expense that is generated by anything other than those derived from direct labor and direct materials. In other words, overhead is the materials used to support the production of what you are selling. For a clothing retailer, overhead can consist of stockrooms, rent, human resources personnel, shopping bags for customers, and such. For a consulting business, overhead can consist of office desks, chairs, printers, rent, and utilities. Any business, regardless of what they are selling, is likely to have overhead costs. So whether it’s a product or service…

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Don’t Fall Behind: How To Simplify The Accounting Process

How To Simplify the P&L Process And Manage Your Money Small business owners don’t often get excited about spending hours on accounting. Having the right tools to simplify profit and loss reporting for your business is essential to spending time on more important tasks. If you’re doing a lot of this work on your own, we’re here to break down the steps so you can streamline this process and never get behind again. A quick Google search will reveal numerous apps and software packages available. To make your accounting processes easier, we need to understand which features are important. Then, you’ll…

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Breaking Down the Balance Sheet

Using Your Balance Sheet to Empower Decision Making Many business owners are pretty savvy when it comes to their income and expenses, but completely in the dark with the ever-mysterious balance sheet. When set up properly and updated timely, your balance sheet provides a plethora of valuable information to help make critical business decisions. How To Read Your Balance Sheet Let’s take a look at the information your balance sheet has to offer. The basic balance sheet is divided into three sections — assets, liabilities, and equity.   Assets Assets are listed on the balance sheet first.  Assets include your cash,…

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Should You Change Your Bookkeeping Strategy?

Are you getting the most out of your business budget? Your bookkeeping strategy says a lot about your business. One thing it can say is that you aren’t getting the most out of your budget. Find the right bookkeeping software so you can get down to business and get your business budget back in chek. Sitting down to create a business budget and set up a budgeting spreadsheet might seem like a chore, but it can help you in more ways than you might think. Reach Your Targets By implementing a proper business budget, you will quickly find that you are…

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